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Industries Served - Gemini Machining

At Gemini Machining, we are proud to serve the precision machining, precision turning and precision milling needs of clients in some of the world’s most demanding industries.

Defense Machining

Gemini Machining has completed hundreds of precision machining, precision turning and precision milling projects for the defense industry, defense contractors and related firms.

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Aerospace Machining

Gemini Machining has deep experience as an aerospace machining provider – particularly in the manufacture of high-liability parts for commercial airliners.

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Microwave/RF Machining

In the microwave/RF industry, precision is everything. That’s why leading firms in the microwave/RF field consistently trust Gemini Machining with their precision machining, precision turning and precision milling needs.

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Telecommunications Machining

The telecommunications industry is changing constantly, as technologies rise and fall, and infrastructure improves. That means speed-to-market is essential – and compressed development cycles are the norm. That’s why leading telecom manufacturers consistently turn to Gemini Machining.

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Life Sciences/Pharma Equipment Machining

In the life sciences equipment field, quality is everything. In order to ensure patient safety, laboratory equipment must be engineered and manufactured to exacting standards. And in order to ensure sales, pharmaceutical equipment must be extraordinarily attractive and high-quality.

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