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Gemini Machining Leadership Team


peter_srPeter Eibeck Sr., President

Peter Eibeck Sr., is, literally and figuratively, the “father” of Gemini Machining.

Eibeck is a veteran of the precision machining industry, with skills honed both as a lathe apprentice in his native Germany and working in machine shops in the Northeast U.S. He struck out on his own in 1978, founding Gemini Machining. He initially operated the company as a near-solo operation, using secondhand manual equipment in his New Jersey garage.

Gemini grew quickly, thanks in large part to Eibeck’s reputation for consistently meeting deadlines – and providing precise work.

“At Gemini, we deal with extremely tight tolerances,” he said. “If you don’t work in the industry, you have a hard time comprehending it. Take a hair – that’s roughly five- or six-thousandths of an inch thick. We can hit a tolerance 10 or 15 times smallerthan a hair.

“As a precision machinist, you don’t have to know only your tool geometry. You need to know how a material reacts. What material you can use. What lubricant you can use. There’s no comparison with other industries – or even other machine shops.”

Eibeck is still an active member of the Gemini workforce, responsible for office duties (quoting and material ordering) as well as machining tasks (manual turning, grinding and fine deburring).

peterPeter Eibeck Jr., Vice President

Representing the second generation of Eibecks at Gemini Machining, Peter Eibeck Jr., is responsible for the company’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations.

Eibeck “grew up around the machine shop,” working with his father. He was given simple cleaning and deburring tasks at a young age, and eventually “graduated” to operating manual and NC chuckers. He also spent several summers learning inspection equipment calibration and testing.

After college – Eibeck holds a BSEE from Grove City College and an MSEE from the University of Pittsburgh – he spent several years working as a professional computer programmer, writing real-time vision algorithms. After the opportunity presented itself to return to Gemini, Eibeck set to expanding the company’s CMM inspection and CAD programming capabilities.

Today, Eibeck is tasked with quoting, purchase order review, quality management and CAD/CAM programming.

Jeff Hess is the production manager at Gemini Machining.Jeff Hess, Production Manager

A 30-plus year veteran of the precision machining industry, Jeff Hess is responsible for workload management and customer fulfillment at Gemini Machining.

Hess’ day-to-day responsibilities include quoting, material check-in, production scheduling, CNC programming, CNC setup and CNC operation. Experience on both the production and managerial sides of the precision machining business has helped him hone the organizational and time management skills needed to satisfy clients’ needs quickly and cost-effectively.

Hess attended Rutgers University in New Jersey. He also holds a certificate from Northampton Community College.